How King Cloud was born

   King Cloud is an art gallery located in Ploiesti, in the historical heart of the city.

The building dates from 1924, and was originally the home of Simona’s great-grandparents.


   After the Romanian revolution in 1989, it became part of the protected area of the city. 

Following the classes at Carmen Sylva Art-School, Simona studied Visual Arts at The National University of Arts, Bucharest, graduating with a Master’s degree in 2005.  During this time, she established a close relationship with art and dreamed of opening a gallery, but without sufficient finance, it was beyond her reach. Instead, Simona decided to step into the corporate world, spending eight years as a concept artist in the video games industry. 


   In 2012, Simona quit her job to concentrate all her time and efforts on King Cloud, an independent group of illustrators and concept artists from around the world, an educational centre for children and young people, and an art gallery. In 2014, after months of dedication and huge effort, the King Cloud gallery was opened.



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