King Cloud Opening 

KC Gallery, 2012 Opening Party Event
King Cloud
King Cloud

King Cloud
King Cloud

Devis Grebu talk

KING CLOUD Gallery - was pleased to announce the gallery opening followed by an open discussion with artist Devis Grebu (moderator George Păunescu + special guest: Sever Voinescu)

Devis Grebu has collaborated for more than 40 years in a consequent and substantial way, with The New York Times, Washigton Post, International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Ha'aretz, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Life, Newsweek, US News & World Report, Boston Globe, L'Express, Le point, V.S.D., La Tribune, Le Figaro, Forbes, Business Week, Playboy, Harper's, Think - IBM, Sports Illustrated, PC MAgazine, GEO, Psyhology Today, New York Magazine.



KC artists - comprehensive spirit, often uncomfortable images



Ever wondered who's the black cloud full of sorrows? The King Cloud tacit protects 15 artists. All of them worked for many years in 'creative industries' (gaming or advertising), due to industries were anything but creative. More specifically, they were all slave-performers, living the absurd neo-kafkaesque world of a corporate office. The artist can not have a coherent visual discourse among feedbacks, budgets and bluntly imposed aesthetics, so this is the point where the king cloud was created.

The king cloud artists call themself "Celebrities", because they didn't accept a non-inspirational system, and tried their best to keep their art personal. (S.Simpson) 

Mica Unire

On January 24, King Cloud celebrates "The Little Union"


On January 24, Romanians celebrate "The Little Union", and The Union of Romanian Principalities in 1859, very shortly after the Alexandru Ioan Cuza won the national popular vote as ruler of Moldova and Tara Romaneasca. (btw, Dracula - Vlad the Impaler - wasn't the ruler of Transylvania, but Tara Romaneasca.The Little Union (Great Union was the December 1, 1918, in Alba Iulia) marks the unification of ancient principalities of Moldova and the Romanian Country (Tara Romaneasca) in one united state.Come join King Cloud team & raise a glass of red wine for its glory!  


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