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Some say that comics are for kids and that from a certain age you gotta grow up and cut down on the nonsense. I beg to differ. Comic books are simply the natural evolution of the classic fairy tales. 

Be kids, be grown-ups, be corporate, be artists, be travellers, be glued to your computers, but let yourself dive into this wonderful world of modern fairy tales every now and then. It won't hurt.






"My name is Rita. I am 9 and in the 4 th grade. I like to eat muffins. I don’t like to eat spinach.My favorite thing to do is watch television, play outside and play on the computer.My favorite thing about school is recess and free time .My hobby is collecting Yu – Gi –Oh and Pokemon Cards.The coolest thing about me is I like to research turtles.My real name is... "

"Rita" ~ is just a book about a girl and an alien.

by Simona Simpson




Stay tuned for new comics signed by Pillowzoid // and an awesome new character, The Jester.


Drawing and Inking - Vaults of Butu

Coloring - Warpy Pagan

Available: June 2014.


by Pillowzoid
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