Simona Gabriela Groosa

A graduate master-degree student of the National University of Arts Bucharest, department of Visual Arts Graphics. Spending 8 years in gaming industry, In 2012 she initiates a group of artists called King Cloud, also establishes the foundation gallery wich will host the works of all its artists. The King Cloud Gallery - was built through her passion and dedication. 


Lartist graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, Graphics Department and "Ion Mincu", The National University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucharest, Product Design.

"To draw is a second nature for Lartist, a state of being, and the environment in which the native dexterity spreads are subordinated to his own personal approach." (Adina Niculae)

Robert Simon

Robert graduated from the National University of Arts Ion Andreescu Cluj + animation and comics (College Pro, Bucharest). Passionate about games &digital media, Robert has worked as a concept artist at Cryrek (Budapest), then begin a collaboration with Guerrilla Games studio (Amsterdam). Among the projects: Shadow Fall, Killzone, Game of Thrones - "a dream job come true" writes Robert Simon on his personal blog.

Vlad Ricean

He graduated from the National University of Arts Timisoara, established in Bucharest, Cluj then involved in the gaming world. He already has a 8 ​​years career in this industry, he has an unmistakable style and a sensibility that reminds of his traditional backgrounds. Vlad is one hilarious person!

Tudor Stamate

Tudor is the kid of the group. Back in the days, he flirted with architecture, then involved in games industry since 18 years old. Plans to design his own game soon, he's a sensitive tenuous artist.

Nic Trademark

King Cloud Assitant - plans to become a famous comic book writer. Studies Carmen Sylva Art-Highschool, listens to awesome punk-rock music and reads like no other teenager.

Norbert Nagy

He graduated from the National University of Arts Ion Andreescu Cluj, Graphics Department. Norbert is concerned about the digital environment and currently preparing a solo exhibition in his city. Passionate about good films, good music, psychology and the strange nature of human being, he creates an unique universe.

Andrei Nicolae

Andrei graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, Design Department. He carefully explores digital techniques, based on a thorough knowledge of the design. Main chapters of interest are: animation, illustration, product design, cartoons and graphic design. 

Andrian Luchian

Andrian used to work in the gaming industry, then he followed his dream and became a freelancer, carefully choosing the themes and subjects, according to his personality, vision & exquisite illustration sense. 

Lives in London, UK.



Cosmin Podar

King Cloud is proud to have artist Cosmin Podar into his puffy arms, you guys already subscribed to him, right? Precise sketch artist, concept artist, caricaturist, distortionist, Cosmin comes with an unic style & amazing composition sense.

Vlad Marica

Applibot Inc. illustrator, fantasy-art designer, ambitious spirit, choosing dramatic subjects. He studied Sculpture at The National University of Arts, Bucharest.

Follow him, excuse me worship him :)



Claudiu Antoniu Magherusan

Artist at Lum Lum, Better Branding & Design, in his past, he studied at the National University of Arts - Cluj Napoca. Great teoritician, sensitive spirit, awesome line-art.

Lives and works in Cluj-Napoca. Subscribe to him!




He graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, Sculpture Department. He recently had a solo exhibition after nearly ten years of concept art & texturing @ Ubisoft Romania.

Great design skills & awsome, personal shapes!


Anca Beldie

Anca graduated from The Bucharest Fine Arts University, Graphics Degree, also followed a Fine Arts Highschool, she has a Graphics Degree, but also a great color sensitivity and delicacy. She ventured into the corporate world, then quitted to get back to painting and personal investigation.

Lives and works  in Bucharest, we hope she will follow King Cloud every time she'll feel inspired for a new Comic Con, music festival or group exhibition.




Butu followed the National University of Arts Bucharest Ion Grigorescu, class. He is passionate about comics, super anti-heroes. This world influences all his artwork, in emulation with his personal vision.


Alex Negrea
Bogdan Marica

Fine young artist, "Legend of the Cryptids" illustrator, Alex is a Crimson Daggers collaborator, an amazing digital artist and a workshops developer, teaching new creative strategies all over the world. King Cloud is so pround to have Alex here!




Digital artist, Applibot Inc. illustrator, as you can see: fine sense of humour! He studied The University of Fine Arts Bucharest, also has a Master Degree in Sculpture. Subscribe to him fast!

Jason Hong

So proud to have Jason Hong next to us! He studied Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (atleast that is what he claims on facebook), he lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand.

Follow his great studies, concepts and the most expressive line!